Santa Cruz California

Other than needing more rain, Santa Cruz is enjoying a beautiful sprintime.  We will be heading into summer shortly and excitement is always in the air in Santa Cruz.  Our summers are usually very mild and cool, unlike most of the country.  There are many reasons to visit or enjoy the Santa Cruz area, but, I would have to say that the weather really makes it more attractive than usual.  Think hard about visiting our town with our many great events, stores and shops, restaurants and attractions as you will never be disappointed.  Thank you for visiting our site,  This website will help preview some of the favorite local attractions, restaurants, shopping, spas, real estate companies and hotels in Santa Cruz, California that I have come across since moving here.  This site allows you to find some of the local websites that I find useful.  Just a click away. 

Year round is a great time to visit or come to Santa Cruz.  Sometimes, the winter months are warmer than some of the summer weather.  When summer does come, Santa Cruz is full of people and activities.  The weekends are usually very active here in Santa Cruz because of the many people that want to head to the beach or the Boardwalk.  The people that come to Santa Cruz are from all parts of the world and it is not unusual to hear three or four different languages when walking on the beach or the pier.  The weather is usually cool in the morning where you will probably wear a light coat and then in the afternoon it has been warming up into great weather.   We spent July 4th out on the Chardonnay II sailing back and forth along the Seabright Beach watching the fireworks.  Wonderful evening and I saw more fireworks than any other time in my life.  Try sailing on the Chardonnay when you visit Santa Cruz.

When summer arrives you will find the ocean is alive because the bait fish (sardines) are everywhere.  This means that the Pelicans, Sea Lions and other marine and bird life are having a heyday feeding on the schools of sardines.  The boats are always coming and going and it is a great time to come and visit, for a day, week or longer.  Whale sightings have been plentiful this year for some of the Blue Whales and fewer sightings for the Grey Whales.  You always win when you are in a boat on the bay watching for anything.  For all you shark fans, there were several reports of a couple large Great Whites off Capitola beach a week or two.  Several surfers and fishermen reported the sharks, but, nothing confirmed and nobody eaten.  Good week.

Santa Cruz is a great place to live, work, visit or go to school.  I have done all the above.  First off, let me tell you a little about Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruz is the largest city in Santa Cruz county of California.  Santa Cruz is the county seat and the last census had the city with around 55,000 population.  The city is located on the north end of the Monterey Bay and is approximately 1 hours drive south of San Francisco.

The town was incorporated in 1866 and received their first charter in 1876.  A major event in the history of Santa Cruz was the October 17th, 1989 earthquake.  Many buildings suffered damage and reconstruction of said buildings has taken years to finish.  Many of the early Dirty Harry movies showcased parts of Santa Cruz especially the Boardwalk area.

The city enjoys a very mild weather climate year round.  The summers could be compared to the Mediterranean with dry summers and cool, wet winters.  Since the city boarders the Monterey Bay, fog and overcast is very common in the area.  January is the coldest month and September is the warmest.  The city and area receives around 31 inches of rain per year with the most coming between November and April.  The area averages about 65 days of measurable rain per year.

The City of Santa Cruz is home to a variety of industries including tourism, agriculture and technology.  The city and area are known for their organic agriculture production and the CCOR (California Certified Organic Farmers) is based in Santa Cruz.  Tourism is very popular year round but the summer and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk attract thousands each summer.  Other popular tourist attractions include the Monterey Bay and the redwood forests.  Many companies and industries call Santa Cruz their home today and the lifestyle in this city would be considered laid-back and friendly.

The downtown area of Santa Cruz attracts people from all over California as well as worldwide.  The downtown attractions include the rich architecture, shopping and the city's eclectic people.  Any visit to Santa Cruz must include a trip to Pacific Avenue and the downtown area. 

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